Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekend Warrior Pose

Nearly two years later and here is the update I have.....Terrible, I know.

Bought my first house 9 months ago and I am enjoying every moment!! I have been wrapped up in getting better at my cooking and decorating. Here is a picture that summarizes how I feel every Saturday morning.
I work a normal 8-5 ish job Monday through Friday so the weekends are MY time!! I usually start off every Saturday morning at the Farmers market downtown. This gives me meal inspiration for the week. I LOVE FOOD!!! in case you didn't know. :)  I like to think of myself as a little home chief experimenting with different foods that are in season and local to the Texas area. I am sure I will be posting more about food now since I am getting back into this whole Blog thing.

Now to finish off this first* blog post (I only say first, because it's the first one in awhile and I plan on taking it in a new and inspiring direction.)

Some projects I plan for this weekend!!!!
1. Install the flooring in our Master Bath to complete our look. I will post pics about this later. PROMISE!!!

2. I acquired an old wooden directors chair that I plan on re-vamping. Adding some paint and new fabric to really make it come alive. I am excited about this one. I will have to post before and after photos for that too!

3. Spring is in the air here in Texas. Bluebonnets poking their little heads out. This has given me inspiration to start Spring Cleaning!! We have been ordering a lot of stuff online and right now our house is filled with empty cardboard boxes and "crap" everywhere. I need to find something to do with all of this new stuff! So I will be cleaning out rooms and organizing the mess that is going on right now.

I think that is a great list of to-do's to start the weekend off right! I can't wait for it to begin!!! So until then...... too-da-loo folks! 


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