Monday, April 8, 2013

Banana Berry Kale Smoothie

I am always searching for quick and easy breakfast ideas. What is faster or easier than blending up your favorite fruits and veggies? Ok maybe you can grab a banana for breakfast, but wouldn't you like something a little more satisfying than that?

Not only is this fast and easy but it helps clean out some left over fruits and veggies you may have on hand.

Banana Berry Kale Smoothie Recipe:

1 Banana
4 Strawberries
6 Blueberries
5 Blackberries
3 Pieces of Kale, stems removed
3/4 Cup Vanilla Banana Yogurt (You can use regular vanilla or plain if desired)
A handful of Ice Cubes

Simply throw everything into the blender and blend for about 4 to 5 minutes. Voila!! 

You can definitely have fun with this one. Mix it up!! As long as you use the Kale and banana together, because the banana helps with the bitterness of the Kale. Regardless, you are going to have a yummy quick and easy breakfast!

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