Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY ~ Pretty Pots and Planters

Since we have had our home, I have become obsessed with planting flowers, fruits and veggies!! It is amazing how those little seeds or plants can grow into something beautiful.

I have seen many ways to spruce up those cheap orange terra cotta pots that you can get at your local hardware or craft store so I plan on trying a few. Why waste money on designer planters when you can make your own for a third of the cost!?!

I just so happen to have some empty terra cotta pots lying around. I also have some hemp twine, chalkboard paint and craft paints that have been sitting in the closet for too long now.

So here is where I began... Grab a few terra cotta pots, you can easily find them at your local hardware, garden or craft store.

You will also need multi purpose paint, glue, scissors, paint brushes and cardboard.You can use hot glue or regular elmers glue.

And let your creativity run wild!!!!!

Make sure to let your pots dry a little in between coats of paint.

Almost done. Just need to let these bad boys dry before putting anything in them.

I also did some colored pots. I have been going through a yellow phase since it has been so warm out lately. Ready for summer decor!!!

Just make sure you have fun with it!!!!

 <3 Peace.Love.Lauryn <3

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