Monday, July 29, 2013


Another week has passed by and I am still on the Insanity routine. It has definitely been tough. Week 2 was more intense than week 1 with more workouts back to back. My quads are feeling it more than anything else, but I am sure once my arms and core get stronger they will quickly catch up.

The start of week 3 brings another fit test so I will be sharing my results from week 1 to now so that I can see how it compares. Have I been getting stronger? Am I finally starting to get into shape?

Lets see how I have done thus far:

                                            WEEK 1:      WEEK 2:

Switch Kicks:                        56                71          

Power Jacks:                         38                52

Power Knees:                        65                 77

Power Jumps:                        20                 25

Globe Jumps:                         6                    8

Suicide Jumps:                       10                  12

Push-Up Jacks:                      13                  16

Plank Obliques:                      32                 42

I didn't look at my last results while doing the new fit test because I wanted to surprise myself. WOW! I knew I was getting stronger and my cardio was getting better, but it is nice to see it written down in front of you.

I am very glad that I have begun the insanity program and I know it will just get harder from here, so I need to focus and stick with it. As long as I keep tracking my results and give it my all everyday I am sure that I will meet my fitness goals in no time.

I still don't own a scale to track my weight, but I will soon enough. I have thoroughly enjoyed being naive when it comes to my weight. What girl wants to know how much they really weigh? Not me!

I welcome any helpful hints on how to stay motivated. My biggest fear is that I am going to give up because it is too hard. It really gets difficult to keep going sometimes because these workouts take every little piece of energy you have out of you. Sometimes after work I just want to lie in bed and take a nap, but I know I need to work out. What keeps people motivated?!?!?


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