Friday, July 12, 2013

Scoutmob Wishlist

I recently found this amazing website that sells local goods from artists around the U.S. You can find just about anything and everything on this website! My favorite thing is that you can shop local artists in far away cities. Since I live in Texas I can search local goods from Seattle, New York, Denver, Portland, Chicago and the list goes on and on. My local city would be Austin, no San Antonio just yet!!

Feel free to browse the website here > Scoutmob

So many great items made by amazing people in a city near you or far away! So I put together a little wishlist of items I would love to have.

Please note that I get no free stuff, advertising or any re-payment of any kind from scoutmob or its designers. It is just something I love that I think people should know about.

***Each item is linked in the title.**** Enjoy! <3

1. Hawk Totem Pole Tank

Figured I would start with one of my own local artists, Charmed Fox out of Austin. I love the beautiful simplicity of this tank, and let's face it a girl can never have too many tanks during the summer!

2. Canvas, Leather & Denim Patterned Tote Bag 

This bag is made by Bow + Arrow out of Ashville, NC. Amazing bag that would be perfect for a trip to the lake, beach or pool. Plus everything is hand made and the print is gorgeous!

3. Eileen Gray Bangle Bracelet

It is so simple, yet so beautiful and unique. This is made by Gunnard Jewelry out of Shelburne, MA.

4. Wood Grain Design Patterned Paint Roller 

There are so many DIY projects that come to mind if I had this paint roller! I would probably go overboard and paint everything I own with this wood grain design. Rollers are made by NotWallpaper out of Fairfield, CT. I love that they came up with this idea while thrift shopping at an antique store. The possibilities are endless!!

5. Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 4 Pack

There is nothing better than an ice cold coffee drink on a hot summer day. It tastes great and it gives you energy. I also love the idea of cold brewed coffee. I have yet to try it, but I am very intrigued. This cold brewed coffee concentrate is made by Growl Coffee out of Dupont Circle, DC. Cold brewed coffee made by a coffee connoisseur?!? Sign me up!!!

6. Trunk of Treasures iPhone Case

Mostly, I love the grayish purple and the cute design of this iphone case. Also, I am in desperate need of a new iphone case as my current one is falling apart. This is made by Fuzzy Ink out of Silver Spring, MD. They also do T-shirt designs. Love their creative and pretty pictures.

7. Modern Tribal Wooden Engraved Coasters - Set of 4

Let's face it, tribal is the "it" thing again, but who doesn't love a good tribal pattern?!? They are elegant with an artistic native touch. These are hand made by Richwood Creations out of Fayetteville, WV. They have many other patterns and items to choose from too! I also love their cutting boards and rolling pins.

8. Wood Chevron Necklace

Here is another simple, yet elegant accessory. I love the different colors so you really can wear it with almost anything. This necklace is made by Maple and Mauve out of Seattle, WA. 

There are so many wonderful items on this website, and they are constantly adding more everyday. What are some items you like from Scoutmob? I would love to see what you guys are into.


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