Monday, July 15, 2013


With it being way too hot to run outside these days, I have looked for some indoor options for working out. David was able to snag the Insanity workout videos for me, so I decided I would go ahead and give them a try.

I was incredibly nervous about these DVDs because is a HARD workout. At least that is what I have heard before starting. Also, I just started working out. I am not in good shape and have a very flabby and weak body. I try to eat healthy (aka no fast food), but I am an ex swimmer who has not worked out in a very long time, and I am a total foodie so that doesn't help either!  I have gained weight over the past few years which is pretty normal as you get older and stop working out. I don't even own a scale to weigh myself so I couldn't even tell you what I weigh now. The beauty of not owning a scale is you are oblivious to how much you really weigh. :) It's awesome!

 I really just started working out to make myself feel better and to ensure that no extra weight was going to adhere itself to my body. Even though I am heavier now than I was, I still love myself and I am a happy person regardless of how "fat" or "thin" I am. I am not one of those people who get all caught up in "thin is beauty" because in reality it just isn't true. The most important part, for me, is to love yourself. It took me awhile to figure this out, but once I did, I became a much happier person.

 I like exercising because it really makes me feel like I have achieved something. It boosts your mood and metabolism which is never a bad thing!

Here are my thoughts on the first ever insanity workout:

  • Day 1, you begin with a fit test and write down your results. Every 2 weeks you will take another fit test and see how the results compare. This is pretty cool because you get to see your results on paper and see how much you have progressed from the very first day.
  • The fit test was not easy either. It was a workout in itself. I did have to take breaks and could not do the exercises all the way through the allotted time, but that's ok!!! You work hard but you can rest when you need it then keep going until you can't go anymore.
  • Definitely must have water and a sweat towel on hand. You will sweat a lot and you will get thirsty. Stay hydrated because you are working your body harder than it is used to.
  • There is a countdown on the workout video so you know how much longer the workout will last. This helped me because I got to keep telling myself there is only 10 minutes left….You can do it!!!!
  • I felt pretty bad that I didn't do GREAT on the fit test, but like I said I have not worked out in a very very long time and I am definitely out of shape.
  • I feel confident that if I stick with these videos and do it everyday that I will make progress. It is a lot of cardio which I need.
  • I like that there are different workouts and a calendar to track which workouts to do on what day.  I am a creature of habit and like to stay on track. You do get Sunday's off, so there is another plus!
  • Always remember it is important to eat healthy. I make most of our dinners at home so I know exactly what I am putting into my body. Trying to stay away from unhealthy fats and eat plenty of healthy proteins, fruits and veggies. It's ok to splurge sometimes, but make sure you are on a good workout regimen.

The insanity has begun!!!


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