Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Last week (Week 5) of Insanity was a "recovery week" so I don't have much to update on it. It was basically the same workout everyday of the week. I did take Saturday off as I really felt my body needed an actual recovery day.

The recovery workouts are more focused on technique rather than cardio. Slow and steady wins the race. The workouts were still exhausting and my muscles continued to be challenged each and every day, but it was nice to have a slower paced workout.

This week (Monday 8/19/13) I have officially started my second Month of Insanity!!! These are definitely more intense than the first Months workouts. The workouts are 20 minutes longer and Shaun T has increased the amount of cardio and the difficulty of the moves.

I remember my first week of Insantiy. I wanted to cry and yell at the TV. I thought I couldn't keep up with the cardio and the exercises, but eventually I got the hang of it. It is the same thing with the Month 2 workouts. Incredibly tough, and as I watch Shaun T show us the moves before hand I can't help but think to myself, "WTF?!?!", but I push through it and do what I can.

So far so good. I remember at the start of Month 1 I could barely do standard pushups, but now I am doing side pushups and switch kicks while in the crab walk position. Some of this stuff is so crazy!!!

As I was looking up some good post workout foods, I came across quite a few articles that stated low fat chocolate milk was a great post workout protein shake substitute. So yesterday when I was at the grocery store I picked up a container of Ovaltine. It has no artificial ingredients and more vitamins and minerals that the leading organic chocolate milk. Plus, I already buy organic milk so this will help save on cost too.

Yesterday after my first day of Month 2, I had a small glass (8oz) of milk and mixed in some of the Ovaltine. I was completely exhausted after my workout, and the chocolate milk did help pick me back up.

Mostly trying to focus on eating healthy and not giving up on the workouts. Yes I am sore each and every day, but that means it's working!!


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