Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Record A Day

If you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen that I have been posting a lot of records this month. Well, at least more than usual. One of the guys in a forum community that I am a part of ( created this great idea of posting a record each day that fits within the requirements for that day.  You can also check out his website at and his blog .

Here is what January looked like. 

I was thrilled that my collection was extensive enough that I had something different to post each and every day. I had way too much fun doing this. I would look forward to waking up and posting my record for that day. This is such a great idea for many reasons. One, it familiarizes you even more with your record collection. Sometimes it's hard to remember what you have. You buy it, you listen to it a few times and then back on the shelf it goes until you're in the mood to listen to it again. Two, you get to listen to at least one new record each day. A lot of these albums I have not listened to in awhile, so it was nice to sit down, relax and listen to the record I was going to post for that day. Three, it's just plain fun and you get to show off your record collection to other music/vinyl lovers. 

January is almost over, but if you are someone who collects vinyl or you are interested in participating there is already a list posted for February. Check it out! 

If you decide to do this, be sure to link your post with #JanuaryRecordADay or #FebruaryRecordADay . I'm afraid I won't be participating for the month of February. I just don't have that many records and I don't want to repeat anything that I have already posted. I will still be browsing through the hashtag each day to see what people post, and I am sure that I will still be posting records of my own, just not every single day like I did in January.  If you are interested in seeing what I do have, you can check out my collection on Discogs. You can also check out my instagram.  

Hope you guys had a great start to the new year and hopefully I will have some recipes/experiences to share soon.



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