Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pear Applesauce

Applesauce is one of those things that is incredibly easy to make at home. Not only is it easy, but it is very cost efficient too! This time I changed up the recipe a bit. Instead of just doing apples with white sugar and cinnamon, I added a few pears and some brown sugar. The final result was a rich caramel colored applesauce. This recipe is a little sweeter due to the addition of the pears and the brown sugar, but it was still delicious! A few great things about making your own applesauce are (the obvious) you get more for the same price, you can adjust the ingredients to your preference, helps get rid of extra seasonal produce, it makes your whole house smell of apples and cinnamon and you can use the applesauce in recipes to replace oil or butter for a healthier alternative.

Here is what I used, but please feel free to adjust the recipe. Making applesauce is so easy and involves basic ingredients. This means that you can really play around with adding or subtracting certain things such as sugar, cinnamon or types of fruit to better suit your needs or tastes and you will still end up with a tasty product.

- 6 apples ( I used 2 sweet apples I had leftover and 4 granny smith apples, but any apples will do. )
- 4 bartlet pears
- 1/4 cup white sugar
- 1/3 cup brown sugar
- 1 1/3 cup water
- a few shakes of cinnamon (somewhere between 1/2 - 1 Tbsp)

First step is to gather all of your ingredients and peel, core and chop up the apples and pears.

Place the apples and pears into a large saucepan with a few sprinkles of cinnamon.

Then add your sugars to the pan as well. 

Last, but not least, add the water and let the mixture simmer on the stove top on medium heat for 30-45 minutes while stirring occasionally. 

After about 45 minutes your apples will look like this. You can leave the apples as is, or use either an immersion blender, regular blender or food processor to blend it all up. Be careful because the apples will still be hot. 

 You can eat the applesauce warm or cold. Let the hot applesauce cool to room temperature before covering it and placing it in the fridge. This will keep condensation from forming and dripping down into the applesauce. The applesauce will stay good in the fridge for up to two weeks. Enjoy!



  1. I love Apple Sauce! I've never tried adding pear in it. I'll try soon. :D

    1. You wont regret it! Thanks for stopping by. :)