Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Like almost everyone out there, I love Halloween!! Scary movies are a personal favorite of mine whether they are corny, gruesome or thrilling I enjoy watching them all! Nothing beats being able to go home and have a plethora of horror movies to choose from on the TV. 

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Martyrs - An amazing story about a woman's quest for revenge. This movie is seriously f*&%ed up. A must see if you like scary movies.

2. The Exorcist - The traditional scary movie that you watch at least once every year.

3.  Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon - This is more of a spoof movie, but brilliantly done. It is shot in documentary format and follows the next great psycho horror slasher known as Leslie Vernon. Leslie is a regular guy who gives a documentary crew a behind the scenes look as he brings terror to his town of Glen Echo. Like no other movie you have ever seen before. It's fantastic!!

4. The Cabin in the Woods - Another spoof type movie, but was very clever and funny while still maintaining the horror/thriller factor. The first time I saw this movie I absolutely loved it! It made me laugh and gave me the creeps at the same time.


5.  The Evil Dead - I'm cheating here because I like the original and the new one! Flesh-possessing demons, sign me up!!! Both of these movies give me the creeps. Sure they are different, they were made 30 years apart. There are a lot of die hard old school The Evil Dead fans who hate the new one, but being a general movie fanatic I can see that both of these movies are equally good and for different reasons. I'll let you guys decide if you like the original, the re-make or both, but beware these movies are scary.

Also who doesn't like candy and going to Halloween parties?!? Any excuse for a get together is a good one for me. I put quite a bit of thought into what David and I were going to be for Halloween this year. David usually makes no attempt at a costume and will put together whatever he can find, so I knew it had to be something that was easy and that he would actually wear. Easy is key around our house. So I thought about it for awhile and finally decided that we would be Mr. and Mrs. Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox

We are both Wes Anderson fans and I knew that would be an easy enough costume to put together. 

For Mr. Fox all we needed was a white short sleeve button up shirt, khaki pants and a brown striped tie (all pieces were found at a thrift store for under $10). 

For Mrs. Fox I needed a yellow dress, paint brushes, scissors and a craft apron to hold the paint accessories. I found a great yellow dress on Modcloth. The price was more than I wanted to spend so I decided that I wouldn't paint the dress and only paint the craft apron, which I found for $1.99. That way I can still wear the dress on occasions other than Halloween. 

Then all we had to worry about were the faces. I didn't know if I should try to buy a fox mask or make one. Since I was trying to not spend a lot of money on costumes we would only wear once or twice, I figured I could make some fox masks and be done with it. 

Here is how it all turned out.


I think our costumes turned out great and I was quite surprised at how well the masks turned out too since I painted them by hand. I used a standard water color set and looked at pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Fox while I painted them. I am no artist and I am terrible at almost all kinds of art, but I took my time and they turned out pretty darn good.

Hope you guys have a great Halloween! I would love to know/see what you guys did for Halloween so leave me a comment or link on where I can find them!


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