Saturday, September 7, 2013

Orange Ginger Strawberry Smoothie

There is something so refreshing about a great fresh fruit smoothie. Not only does it taste great, but it's really good for you too.

This morning I made this yummy orange, ginger and strawberry smoothie. I got a huge bag of organic oranges from the store on sale because they were already getting a little soft.  So I thought they would be perfect for juicing and throwing into some of my usual morning smoothies since I don't buy bottled juice. I was also reading online about all of the different health benefits of fresh ginger. It is good for tummy aches, inflammation,  aiding in digestion and it's one of those super foods that fights cancer.

For this yummy juice you will need:
- 3 whole oranges (mine were organic valencia oranges from Trader Joes)
- 5 Strawberries
- a small sliver of fresh ginger about the size and width of your pinky nail (a little goes a long way)
- a handful of ice cubes
- 2 Tbsp honey

First I sliced the oranges in half and squeezed the juice into the blender. I used a fine mesh strainer over the blender to avoid getting excess pulp and seeds into the juice. Then I added the strawberries, ginger, ice cubes and honey. Blend it all up and enjoy!

This is a great smoothie for a quick and easy breakfast or as a snack during the day. All of that Vitamin C will be sure to give you an energy boost too!


I had such a great morning going to the Farmer's Market and then grocery shopping. The mornings are getting a little cooler and it makes me really excited for fall! So I picked up these gorgeous roses and some Rudbeckia flowers to add a little fall color to the kitchen/dinning area.

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend and maybe some slightly cooler weather. It is still pretty hot in Texas, but maybe the 100 degree days are behind us. Staying hopeful that we get some rain soon too.


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